The Story-BookerSM
Preserving Personal History

Do you have a story?
We all have stories. We live from one story to another. Most of our stories don't really get told, except for the occasional Facebook post or briefly shared with a friend.

What about really telling your story? You may think your life is boring and that no one could possibly be interested in it. But write down just one personal story and share it with just one friend and you'll learn otherwise.
Your family and friends want to hear all about things like . . .

  • Those silly (or amazing) things you did in school
  • Your first date or how you met your husband/wife
  • That once-in-a-lifetime fabulous (or disastrous) vacation
  • Your first job; best job or worst job
  • The best (or worst) teacher or boss

The ideas are endless. Things have been happening to you since you were born. Writing about your stories makes them available for your children and grandchildren; your friends and family. It's your history, remembered from the past, written for today, and preserved for tomorrow.
Don't let your story go untold! Contact us . . .

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