Personal storytelling is all about doing.
It's about something you've already done, are doing now or something you plan to do. From sharing what happened at work, telling about your weekend, or describing how you met your mate, the list is endless.
At The Story-Booker, we believe sharing stories is profoundly important. Knowing each other's stories helps us connect with each other; to know each other better, and to understand ourselves better, too. And, as acclaimed storyteller Kevin Kling has said: "No matter how difficult it was to live through an experience, telling your story about it gives you control over it, so that it no longer controls you."
Writing Your Story

As you write your story, remember that you're taking the reader on a journey to revisit something that happened. Your story should be written in such a way as to bring them into the story with you, as you re-live it. Think about these tips as you write:

  • Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Always know where the story is going.
  • Open your story with a compelling statement to capture the reader's interest.
  • Describe each scene in detail - the people, the surroundings, the mood, etc.
  • Every story has some sort of tension or stress. Describe how you felt about it.
  • When the story is over, end it. Don't drag it out with unnecessary rambling.

You can do this. Write just one story and share it with a friend. You'll be surprised at the result. Click here for more story tips.
To read, listen or view samples of stories, visit our Story Samples page.

And of course, you can always contact us for help.