Your Stuff

  • You have stories, like the time you went to that crazy party and . . .
  • You have photos of everything from your first communion to your favorite pet
  • You have souvenirs from vacations and childhood adventures

In short, you have memories - lots of memories. And you want to share them with family and friends, right?
It's YOUR LIFE! Make something of it. Find out how here.
Welcome to The Story-Booker.

Our Work
Our work is as varied as you can imagine. Here are a few examples:

  • Autobiographies
  • Biographies of father and mother
  • A collection of stories about dogs
  • A collection of short, personal stories
  • A memoir of favorite childhood summers

We'll take your memories, your writings, your photos, and organize them in a beautifully respectful way. Your creation will become a keepsake passed on to children and grandchildren.
In short, your history, the experiences, emotions and events you have today, will be available for future generations to enjoy and treasure.

The Story-Booker offers a unique set of skills, combining a talent in writing and storytelling with an expertise in computer word processing and document formatting.
In plain language, that means we:

  1. Take the time to learn about the purpose and audience for your writings
  2. Format your writings into book form
  3. Offer suggestions on how to tell your story most effectively
  4. Augment your story by weaving photos and scans into your text
  5. Prepare your completed book for printing by creating a cover, table of contents, chapters and layout style that suits your project

The Story-Booker has what you need to complete your writing project so that you can begin sharing it with friends and family. Questions? Contact us . . .

Shown below are three options to give you a sense as to how much your project may cost. These figures are estimates. Your project will be assessed and quoted according to its scope.

Pricing is based on how much preliminary work you've already completed. Each project is unique and deserves individual attention, but this general guideline provides an idea of what to expect. Each option includes a final, print-ready document delivered in pdf format. More details about pricing are available in this document or provided at our first meeting.

  1. Design and layout only - $5 per page ($250 minimum with $100 deposit) Includes image placement, table of contents, front and back covers and review of one printed proof
  2. Design and layout with story-shaping and writing suggestions - $10 per page ($500 minimum with $200 deposit)
  3. Complete project with interviewing, writing, design and layout - $25 per page ($1250 minimum with $500 deposit)

The process of turning your ideas into a book is collaborative. We will work together to create the most engaging and appealing book possible. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the length of your story. But it's worth it. Ask to see hard-copy samples at our first meeting.
Contact us here . . .

The Story Collector

sccoveradj1Our first published book, The Story Collector, written by Bill Gurnon is now available. This entertaining volume includes 33 true, personal short stories.

Written in an exceptionally easy-to-read style, you will be surprised, saddened and delighted by the variety of stories included in this collection.

Available on Amazon: HERE
or Barnes & Noble: HERE

Now available . . .

The Story Bridge
Closing the Gap that Separates Us

SBfrontcoverOur second published book, The Story Bridge, written by Bill Gurnon is available now. In addition to more entertaining short stories, it includes story guides to help you hone your own storytelling skills. Order yours HERE.