Exciting News!

Our first published work:
The Story Collector

sccoveradjOur first published book, The Story Collector, written by Bill Gurnon, is now available. This entertaining volume includes 33 true, personal short stories told in the first person, as if you're sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to a friend.

And Bill's most recent title, The Story Bridge,
is available now!

Both are available on Amazon: HERE
or Barnes & Noble: HERE

About The Story-Booker

IMG1544Bill Gurnon is The Story-Booker. After several years teaching people how to use their computers, and more than 10 years training as an on-stage storyteller, Bill was encouraged to go into this business by the woman who was to become his first client. Bill was instrumental in helping her create and print three books about her family.

That was five years ago. Since then, he's helped several people collect their own stories and images and create books they've printed and shared with family and friends. To see our gallery, click here.

As you might guess, Bill is also a writer. You can preview and purchase his own book projects here.

Our Mission

It's quite simple: Don't let your story go untold.

Have you ever wished your grandmother had preserved her memories; her stories?
Our goal is to help people tell their stories and to assist them in getting their stories packaged in a form that others, for generations to come, will enjoy and appreciate.
Contact us today for personal assistance.