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Happiness is sharing stories.

Once upon a time, you were born. Then, what happened?

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We all have stories. Our lives are shaped by stories. We live from one story to another. Sadly, most of our stories don't ever get told, except for the occasional Facebook post or when briefly shared with a friend. Your stories are more important than that. They are your history - remembered from the past, written for today, and preserved for tomorrow.

What if you took the time to really share your stories? I challenge you to write just one personal story and share it with just one friend. You may be surprised at how much they enjoy reading it.

When you write and share stories from your life, you engage others in ways that spark truly meaningful conversations. People connect with you when they read your stories. They discover things you not only have in common but also things they've never experienced. Sharing stories at this level helps to build a deeper understanding of one another. And including photos with your story collection adds a visual dimension that makes your stories even more interesting.

If this isn't enough, when you start writing your own stories, you get to relive those events all over again. Sure, not all those stories were happy. But hey, they're in the past and writing them down can help to put them in perspective. And revisiting any life story will undoubtedly bring new insights to that time of your life.

Writing your stories is good for you, and good for your family and friends.

What are you waiting for? Don't let your story go untold!

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For help in telling your stories, check out The Story Bridge

Or send me an email: Reference "Story-Booker" in your subject line. And, thanks!

About Us

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Who we are

My name is Bill Gurnon and I'm The Story-Booker. I'm also a trained storyteller who loves writing stories and designing things like books, posters and brochures. Some of my stories have been broadcast on public TV and radio.

After several years teaching people how to use computers, and more than 10 years training as an on-stage storyteller, I was encouraged by my first client to offer my services as a "story-booker" - someone who helps people collect and shape their stories into keepsake books for family and friends. The Gallery below illustrates a few samples of my work.

When I'm not helping others with book projects, I continue to write my own personal stories and have published three books:

The Story Collector
The Story Bridge
Three O'Clock Movement

You can read one of my short stories here:

short story

Here's what clients say about my work:

  • Ardene from Prior Lake:
    Bill, you have come up with another jewel. The layout, design, pictures, photos and the text are beautifully done. Thank you so much for all you did to make the book a wonderful archive for our family."
  • Kris from Savage:
    "I had family photos and childhood snapshots. Would my grandchildren or even my children have any idea who some of these relatives were? Did they have any idea what I was like as a child? How would I go about preserving these memories?"
    "I found the answers to all these questions when I contacted Bill Gurnon, The Story-Booker. From start to finish, Bill helped me convey, in my own words, the stories of my life that included my own photos. The completed books were a dream come true."
  • Ron from Burnsville:
    "It is with great joy and gratitude that I say, thanks Bill. Thanks for your expertise and ideas. Thanks for your friendship. You have been a very welcome mentor for one of the most important projects of my life."

What we do

My office assistant is Peanut and he's here to help both of us.

Have you ever wished you had taken time to listen to the stories of a parent or grandparent? Have you wished you knew more about their lives? Me too! I regret not encouraging them to share more of their precious stories.

We all have stories. You have stories, too. And you probably also have photos and various items of memorabilia. I can almost guarantee you that your family and friends would treasure a beautifully compiled collection of your very own stories.

That's what The Story-Booker does.

Whether it's a memoir, a collection of stories about dogs or a book about an unforgettable trip, The Story-Booker can help you preserve those memories for loved ones today and for future generations.

We'll take those memories - your writings and your photos, and organize them into a keepsake book so that you can make printed copies or even publish it, if that's your goal.

Your creation will become a treasure that will be passed on to your children and grandchildren.

The Gallery below illustrates samples of books created by some of my clients. Projects can range from just a few weeks to many months, depending on how much material you have, if it's digitized, and how well it's organized. The billing rate is very competitive at only $7.50/page. A typical 50-page book complete with cover and images takes roughly 15 hours or $375. Each project is different so getting an estimate is the best first step. You can find detailed information on the process and pricing in this document:


For tips on how to start sharing your stories, check out this brief guide:

Story Tips

Please feel free to contact me via email at:

If you need more information, I offer a complimentary one-hour consultation for new clients.



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